Thursday, March 24, 2016

Japanese pickles in winter

Do you know the Japanese pickles?

Japanese pickles are vegetable foods of which ingredients various with the pickle such as salt, vinegar, the sake lees pickle it, and pickle it with vegetables, and let raise preservation characteristics, and mature, and is the food which made a flavor better.

In Japan, there are many kinds of pickles and the kinds are a great variety according to each local custom, product, climate, and others.

The kinds of pickles can be classified by the sub-materials such as rice bran, sake lees, sweet sake lees, vinegar, sweet sake, miso, malted rice, soy sauce, sugar, and spice used at cooking.

For example, as a main pickle using these sub-materials, there are salted pickles of a Chinese cabbage, rice bran pickles, pickles seasoned with sake lees, shallot pickles (pickling in vinegar) and others.

In addition, by putting materials in salted water, pickled radish pickles, salted rice-bran paste pickles, the materials preserved in salt has fermentation by the increase of the microbe including the lactic acid bacterium, and chemical change occurs, and a flavor comes out.

Radish pickles and Chinese cabbage pickles are the famous pickles in Japanese winter season.

Please try to eat!

Japanese pickles are good for eating rice.