Monday, March 7, 2016

Fantastic scene of Juhyou (Snow Monster)!

Is there not the person who has seen the scene which a flower of the ice bloomed to trees at skiing?

It is Juhyo (rime on trees). Sometimes Juhyo is called as Snow Monster.

Juhyo hit the tree that a grain (supercooled drop of water) of the water which became less than 0 degrees Celsius cooled off and stuck and it froze and was accompanied and grew up.

A cloud and the fog which winter periodic wind included a drop of water in from the Sea of Japan are carried.

Therefore the Juhyo spreads towards windward.

The northwest periodic wind from the Siberia gets much steam from the Tsushima warm current (in the summer even as for around 25 degrees Celsius, the winter around 10 degrees Celsius) of the Sea of Japan and makes snow cloud.

The snow cloud rises in Asahi mountain range and brings a large quantity of snow.

The snow cloud rises again in Mount Zao through Yamagata Basin and brings snow.

Many cloud particles are 0 degrees Celsius or less, but it becomes the supercooled drop of water which does not freeze and, in the cloud at that time, is in a condition to have mixed together with snow.

The Juhyo grows up in such a climatic condition.

In Zao, there are a lot of courses of the ski, and it is particular to ski while looking at the Juhyo and then, to enter hot spring.