Monday, March 14, 2016

A graduation ceremony and Hakama

A graduation ceremony is the ceremony celebrating that all the curricula has been completed.

There is the ceremony of the laureation of the university in Europe and America, but the ceremony to celebrate every completion of each school is like the custom to be seen only in Japan and Korea.

At the graduation ceremony of the university, there are a lot of women wearing a hakama.

A woman having come to generally wear a hakama from the Meiji era is.

European and American culture began spreading through Japan and the wonderful fashions which big ribbon and Japanese culture and European and American culture were mixed in in lace-up boots, a Western-style hairstyle to a hakama in the Meiji era seemed to be all the rage.

Speaking of the basic design of the hakama, it is cloth with arrow-feather patterns.

As for this cloth with arrow-feather patterns, a meaning, "charge straight like an arrow straight" is put; and of the day of the departure is said that deserve to be you.

When a woman put on a hakama , a woman looks beautifully because they can walk for a beautiful posture.

I think that it is good for a graduation ceremony to go to the new life to wear a favorite hakama.