Thursday, March 31, 2016

The drift ice arrival at Hokkaido

Drift ice is ice drifting on the surface of the water.

This means the thing except the fast ice (ice taking root in the land).

Drift ice washed ashore on the shore by north wind overlaps, and may make the form such as the small hill; this calls ice hill.

The ice hill of which height is more than several meters and lasted more than 1 kilometer is called as the drift ice mountain range.

The drift ice which went south in the Sea of Okhotsk approached the Hokkaido coast, and a ship of the drift ice sightseeing met with drift ice for starting on February 3 this year.

The drift ice walk began, too.

It is a-limited tourist train in the winter season when "drift ice “Norokko” train” runs leisurely while expecting the Sea of Okhotsk that drift ice visits to link Abashiri to Shiretoko Shari.

Service began on January 30 in this season.

Drift ice “Norokko” train advances at 30km per an hour slowly while looking at the Kita fox of drift ice of the intense cold and the vast snowy field.

We did not know till when we could look at drift ice this year, but there seemed to be it in the year when drift ice was seen even in early April.

We want to go to look at the drift ice in Hokkaido.