Monday, February 8, 2016

How old were you 30years ago? 30th anniversary of Dragon Quest!

The Dragon Quest series was announced with the 30th anniversary the other day by release. The first item was released in 1986, and the total shipment number of package games seems to come up in more than 64 million of them (27 works).

At first, “Dragon Quest” was released for the family Computer, and then, the series were released for many kinds of equipment such as Super Nintendo, Play Station2, Nintendo DS, Wii and others.

A lot of spin-off work and extra with the genre except the RPG was made, too and serializes most.

"Dragon Quest" to invite the birth 30th anniversary to from a release start of 1986 in this year.

As for one year to celebrate the 30th anniversary, new "Dragon Quest" that has not seen is announced one after another; is right one year of the adventure!

It seems to be one year to must keep an eye on it to a game enthusiast.