Monday, February 22, 2016

Ekibentaikai (A station lunch festival) does well.

“Ekiben” (the station lunch) is a lunch for railway passengers sold to in a railroad station and a train, and it is said that the first “Ekiben” is the thing which wrapped two rice balls and pickled radish in a bamboo sheath at  Utsunomiya Station of Japan Railroad on July 16, 1885.

A method to purchase a “Ekiben” is to invite the vendor of the street hawker to the window neighborhood during a stop, and to purchase over a window was mainstream once, but currently, “Ekiben” can be bought by a kiosk because it is difficult to open the window of the train and other reasons.

There are many excellent products of each place put in “Ekiben” for side dish, and there is a characteristic by a district and a place. 

It was “Ekiben” (the station lunch) which we cannot buy when we do not go before, but a station lunch festival is held at a department store of each place and gather many kinds of station lunches of each place and sell them recently. 

Because taste of each place of each “Ekiben” can be enjoyed even if in Tokyo, many people gather and buy it at the station lunch festival of the department store.

The station lunch to eat while seeing scenery in a train is very delicious, but to eat station lunch of each place at home is also fun.