Thursday, February 18, 2016

Let’s see Diamond FUJI!

Have you looked at diamond Fuji?

“Diamond Fuji” is called as "the diamond ring" in case of the total eclipse of the sun, because the sun looks beautiful like a diamond.

It can’t be seen all days and anywhere, and when is it the scene which is seen at the sunrise (rising diamond) in the range of western north and south less than 35 degrees and at sunset (sinking diamond) in the range of eastern north and south less than 35 degrees from the Fuji mountaintop from the autumn to the winter when conditions such as the weather were good twice a year.

In Mount Takao which many mountaineers near to the Tokyo downtown area visited, beautiful diamond Fuji can be seen for several days about the winter solstice. 

Recently, it seemed to be able to see it from the National Stadium ruins. 

In case of Tokyo area, it seem to be seen at sunset, because of the east side of Mount Fuji in the case of Tokyo.

I want to see a fantastic figure of such Mount Fuji.