Monday, February 15, 2016

Do you like strawberry? Let’s go to “Ichigogari”!

Do you know “Ichigogari” and Have you done it?

“Ichigogar (Strawberry hunting)” is to pick up strawberries by oneself at the strawberry farm and to eat them in the place.

“Ichigogari” can be done from December to around May that is the good season for strawberry growth.

Strawberries are cultivated at the plastic greenhouse and visitors enter in it to eat while taking the strawberry by oneself. 

The strawberry is fresh and is very juicy indulgently by eating in that place. 

It is one of the winter happy leisure and can enjoy in families and friends.

In Kanto area, “Ichigogari” can be done in Tochigi, Chiba, Shizuoka and others.

Some good points of “Ichigogari” to eat a delicious strawberry and to enjoy are;

Strawberries that a calyx warps, surface grains (kinds) float and is a diamond-shaped should be chosen. 

And the morning in around January to the middle of February is the best time to “Ichigogari”.

Let’s enjoy “Ichigogari” by eating good strawberries that Vitamin C is plentiful.