Monday, February 1, 2016

Let’s try to eat Ehoumaki!

February 3rd is “Setsubun” that it is traditional end of winter.

The traditional end of winter is the day before of the beginning of spring in one of the miscellaneous seasonal day on the day of the opening of each season.

It is thought that malarial air occurs at the turning point of the season and sprinkles parched beans (boiling dry soybean) while generally speaking saying "ONIWASOTO FUKUWAUCHI (outside as for the inner ogre as for the fortune)", and only the number of age performs a good luck charm eating a bean (or there is much one).

Recently, the rolled sushi called “Ehoumaki (lucky direction winding)" is eaten towards the direction that decided good luck gets.

It is said that the number of ingredients has basically good seven kinds that is associated with Japanese old lucky God "Seven Deities of Good Luck" state.

In addition, "a cucumber" of the ingredients is assumed as blue ogre, "Sakura Denbu of pink materials” is assumed as a red ogre, and an ogre can be exterminated by eating it.

Additionally, it is said that good luck can be get by eating it in silence while the lucky direction of the year.

Lucky direction changes every year, and it is in the direction of the south-southeast in 2016.

Please try to eat Ehoumaki and get lucky!