Thursday, February 4, 2016

Do you know the picture-story show?

Kamishibai (Picture-story show) is a playing performance that a performer talks the story by showing a picture for children mainly.

The performer prepares the picture of ten several pieces along the outline from several pieces drawn along a script, and puts it on top of one another, and he/she talks about an outline and lines to the audience from the first piece sequentially while showing it.

Kamishibai can be excited by united between the performer and the audience and by talking with all feelings directly.

Children are drawn into a story while hearing a story.

An old picture-story show, the performer sold cheap candies such as the starch syrup carrying the tool of the picture-story show to a bicycle in a Shinto shrine and a park, and children saw a picture-story show while eating it.

Currently, Kindergartners make a picture-story show and talk about a story to children.

You should be able to look at the picture-story show somewhere.