Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Women’s favorite word “detox” in Hot Yoga

All year around and all over the world, women are interested in words like  “beauty”,”exercise”,”weight loss”,”detox”and so on.
In this 10 years, there are many yoga studios arrived in Japan and it is not just yoga, it is a “hot yoga” which exercising room has high in humidity and warm temperature. You might think you cannot do yoga in such hot sweaty room; however, you feel your body flexible in this warm room and great after detoxing and sweating. According to statistics, yoga is the one of top 3 of women’s favorite things to learn in their me-time in Japan.
You may also see detox foods and detox drinks now all over in Japan.

Women in Japan are sensitive and sharp sighted for fashion or epidemic and they are creating new cool Japan life style, such as “hot yoga”.

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