Saturday, July 11, 2015

Taiyaki, the fish shaped waffle filled with red bean paste

There are many street foods in Japan and you may come across the shop sells Taiyaki, the fish shaped waffle or pancake I could say with usually read bean past inside. It is one of the yummy and handy street food. “Tai”means snapper and “yaki” means baked and usually this taiyaki is snapper shaped. Don’t worry about tasting fishy if you don’t like fishy smell, it is just sweet snacks for everyone.
There is a Maguro yaki which means “tuna”shaped waffle in the most famous fish market in Japan called Tsukiji now. The waffle’s shape is just a bit different than snapper ones but they are all sweet and yum!

There are many fillings such as,sweet red bean paste, green tea paste, custard  fillings and so on... You can enjoy variety of fillings and it is cheap handy bite snacks all year around. 

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