Sunday, July 5, 2015

Evolution of Onigiri (Rice Ball) – Onigirazu

Onigiri (rice ball) is Japanese traditional food which has been changing.
Onigiri is made by rice and a small piece of some kind of filling. Take some rice and put the filling and hold a bit strong and form like a ball or triangle. Onigiri has been loved by any Japanese for long time.

But recently Onigiri has been changing. The new version of Onigiri is called Onigirazu which also use rice and filling but not form like a ball or triangle which is even like a sandwich. Take seaweed and put rice on, then put much filling and just sand it.

Onigiri can be made easily but Onigirazu is made easier than Onigiri. Even kids make it by themselves. Onigirazu is not only easy to eat but also can eat much more filling than regular Onigiri.

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