Friday, July 24, 2015

Sugakiya, ramen noodle for Nagoya people’s soul food.

In Japan, we have lots of unique foods in all different prefectures and we are all proud of foods we have in our home town. When you about to travel different cities and towns in Japan, you can see those unique foods, we call them “soul food” everywhere you go!

In Nagoya where as know as manufacturing Toyota cars, they have lots of unique foods and one of their soul food is ramen noodle of Suagakiya shop. This Sugakiya shop is economy fast food established in 1946. They have served delicious cheap ramen for long time and their spoons are unique in shape. They are mixed of spoon and folk in order to be easy to eat noodle and soup together.

Nowadays, this Sugakiya shops are located all over in Japan but if you have a chance to visit Nagoya city, foods over there are worth to try! 

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