Thursday, July 23, 2015

Sukayu hot spring, an exciting mixed bathing in Aomori

Japanese people love to go to hot springs called onsen in Japanese. All the year around and all over in Japan, we can enjoy outside hot springs and indoor hot bath by looking at snow in winter ,yellow leaves in autumn, green fresh leaves and smell in summer and cherry blossoms in spring! As you have seen or heard about hot spring in Japan, you know we do not wear any clothes or bathing suits while bathing, just be naked. Having a bath makes us relaxed even though we are all naked. This might make you uncomfortable if you never try Japanese style hot spring before. How about Sukayu hot spring in Aomori which is not separated bath but men and women mixed bathing? What do you feel? I tried once and I really like it! They have their history,people are nice and nothing to worry about. If you are brave enough to be naked, just try amazing hot spring experience in Aomori!

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