Thursday, July 9, 2015

Summer is coming! Kakigoori, the shaved ice time!

Summer in Japan, you can see lots of signs say “Ice (in Japanese Koori)” for the places they sell shaved ice. This sign or flags are used over the years and everybody knows what it is.  In old times, each house hold has this shaved ice machine to make home-made shaved ice and you could buy the flavored syrups in stores. Kids liked them and it was cheap snacks for kids in old times. Now there are many variety of shaved ice topped with mochi, the rice cake balls or fresh fruits on. We even have that specialty shops for shaved ice in Japan, like the world famouse Matsumoto shaved ice in Hawaii! If you feel hot when discovering Japan, why don’t you try one of shaved ice! It will cool you down and make you fresh afterwords. Enjoy summer with shaved ice!