Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Enough for temples or shrine? there are many churches in Japan

When you plan to visit Japan at very first time, you may consider to visit temples and shrines. Yes! They are “must see”things here in Japan. For travelers who have been to Japan many times and want to explore more, how about going to see historical wooden churches in Goto Retto (Goto Islands )in Kyusyu.
Goto Retto are located south west of Japan consisting of 140 islands. After christianity arrived in Japan in 1549, there were many hidden christians, historical crackdown and lots of tragedies. Now you can visit those beautiful historical churches even made by wood still remained in Goto Retto where many christians have protected them over the years. They have huge marble made spectacular churches in Europe but we have small cozy warm wooden churches here in Japan!

In addition, you can enjoy many fresh fish and yummy dishes in Goto Retto.

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