Saturday, July 25, 2015

Sendai Tanabata, the Star Festival

There are many festivals all over in Japan and today I would like to introduce one of the oldest and the biggest Star Festival in Japan. It’s held in Sendai, the northern Japan on 7th of July in lunar calender which means about 6th or 7th of Aug each year.

The star festival is known as a legend of Vega and Altair who are separated by the Milky way and this is the only time they can see each other. Story or the legend came from china and we in Japan are celebrating their reunion by displaying bamboo grass with strips of colored papers and ornaments. It is said wishes come true if you write of the colored strips, pray and display them.

In Sendai, since Date Masamune who was a regional strongman of mid 1500s, this Tanabata, the star festival has been held. Lots of huge bamboo ornaments, strips of wishes,Samurai and fireworks are “must-see” festival while you are traveling in Japan!