Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Wanna go drinking by your car? You need replacement driver service.

If you want to go to drink tonight by your car, you would need replacement driving service.
It is illegal to drink and drive in Japan as other countries.
To reduce drunk-driven accidents, the penalty for drink and drive is very stiff.

But you really need to go to the place you would drink with your car such as in case of the place is far away from near station or you commute by your car and cannot leave your car at your company.

In that case, replacement driver service is useful.
The service company come with 2 persons and 1 for drive your car and the other drives company’s car. After dropping you at your house, they park your car in your garage and leave with company’s car.

The cost depends on where you live but usually, 1.8mile costs about 2000yen ($17.02 )

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