Friday, March 6, 2015

Nomi Hodai – Hallelujah!!

There is popular and very interesting drinking system in Japan which is called “Nomi Hodai”.
Nomi Hodai means you can have free refills alcohol as much as you want.

Japanese style bar where sells alcohol and foods usually have Nomi Hodai system.
They set time which is usually 2 hours and customers can drink as much as you want during 2 hours. The alcohol menu is also limited but of course beer is in it. The price depends on bars but usually \1200 (aprox:$10.22) per each person.

Can the bar gain benefit?
Yes, of course they can.
Not every customers drink alcohol, the alcohol in Nomi Hodai menu is relatively cheap and 2 hours is not a lot for drinking. They also order foods for drinking so as total, the system goes well.

But this is Japan, may be it does not work in America…