Monday, March 23, 2015

UFO Catcher – What a fun game but irritating sometimes

There is a game machine called “UFO Catcher” in Japan.
There are many gifts in the machine and we pick them up with hands like machine.
The gifts are mostly toys like teddy bear or some cartoon dolls.

The point of this game is how well you can control the arm machine.
We control the arm with some buttons. It sounds like very easy but actually it is very difficult.

Firstly, we need to have good sense of perspectives, secondly, the arm itself is very loose so it is easy to drop the gift even you catch them. Thirdly, the gift seems like easy to get but actually it is placed in very difficult point and angle.

One game costs about 300yen, if you miss, people want to keep trying until you get them. It happens that buying them is cheaper than playing game and get them.

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