Friday, March 27, 2015

Have you seen Maternity Badges in Japan?

Recently a lot of expectant mothers wear maternity badges which you can get at city hall.
Especially in the early stage of pregnancy, it is difficult to tell if she is pregnant and of course you are never supposed to ask.
When expectant mothers go out, they have a lot of worries such as cigarette smoke, crowded trains or buses and morning sickness etc..
If an expectant mother wear this maternity badge, it is easier to tell that she is pregnant, so people around her may pay more attention to her!

In these days, some restaurants, workplaces and public transportation facility create posters to make expectant mother-friendly environment and put up these posters.

Surely, if expectant mothers wear these maternity badges, it is easy for everyone to recognize and care for these ladies.

For expectant mothers, maternity badges are very helpful! 

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