Sunday, March 29, 2015

A small purse in a purse (BAG IN BAG in Japanese)

Generally speaking, women love purses. Men may not be able to believe it, but a number of women have shelves and shelves of purses in their closets.

Why do they have a lot of purses even though they can carry only one purse?
Because, they choose purses to suit their clothes or scenes, they want to have options!

But, it is troublesome to change purse contents every time. Most of women have a lot of things in their purses such as a wallet, makeup bag and handkerchief etc…..

This “BAG IN BAG” resolves the problem!
You can put everything you need in this small purse and then, just put it in your purse.
Isn’t it easy? 

This item may be an indispensable item for women who love purses.