Thursday, December 11, 2014

Wanna experience daily life of Japanese salary man? Please try get on a train in a morning!

For the people from abroad, commuter-rush in Japan is one of the most surprising scenes.

Especially in big city like Tokyo and Osaka, people use trains for commuting. Because many companies and schools star at the same time, trains get very crowded or more like packed.

How long are they packed?? It depends on where people live but some people are packed for 1 hour every each day.

There are too many people coming a station and try to get on a same train, some people cannot get on. So a station staff push the last person not to be got caught in the train door. In some stations, there are expert staff who squash up commuters in trains.

Although there are such many people in a station, it is another amazing thing that Japanese trains rarely get delayed except in case of accident.