Monday, October 31, 2016

Where do you get a driver's license?

When you would like to get a driver's license, where do you go? 

How do you find a teacher and who decide whether or not you can drive? 

In Japan, we learn how to drive at a driving school. 

It takes about at least 15 days to pass the exam before you can obtain a driver's license.  

It costs about JPY300,000, which is not inexpensive price. 

However, you might be able to drive a luxury car; like BMW and Mercedes on the lesson.

At school, you will learn rules, manner and signs during lectures and how to drive by driving an actual car.

For last few days, you go out of the school and practice to drive public road and highway. 

It is quite difficult to get a drivers's license here in Japan, but you will add more pleasure to your life. 

How is it different from the way to get the driver's license in your country?