Thursday, October 20, 2016

It is time to change pictograms!!

The 2016 Summer Olympics was over. Where is the 2020 Olympics held? 

Yes, it is held in Tokyo!! 

The government has estimated more than 20 million people will come to Japan during the Olympic. 

Therefore, we need to create friendly environment for foreign travelers as well as to construct the game venues and facilities. 

Pictogram is the one for them to rely on during their trip. 

Unfortunately, we use pictograms based on Japanese standard (JIS) and almost half of them are quite different from the one with international standard. 

Many Japanese pictograms are hard to understand for foreigners. 

Due to the reason, the government decided to start considering as we change our own pictograms to match the international standard. 

It will take time to amend these signs, but it will definitely reliable for foreign travelers to find the place they would like to visit easily. 

Also, using pictograms based on international standard will lead the success of the 2020 summer Olympics!! 

Please look forward to seeing the new understandable pictograms for your trip to Japan!!