Thursday, October 6, 2016

Treasure Box – 100yen Shop!!

Do you have any problems to look for some souvenirs to your family or friends?

You don’t want to spend so much money for the presents?

If so, why don’t you go to “100yen shops”?

A “100yen shop would be a paradise or a tourist spots for foreigners.

Wide variety of goods, such as daily necessities, stationary, foods and cosmetics, is sold in these stores.

Also, all of the types of goods for souvenirs; modern types and traditional kinds of Japanese goods, are sold there.

Those goods in the stores sell for 100 yen (plus tax).

The goods there are very stylish and high quality, so it is no problem to use them as souvenirs.

Good deal!!  But be careful not to spend so much money.

You definitely spend great time to look for the goods you need.
Why don’t you stop by?