Monday, October 3, 2016

Healing Place – Owl Cafe

Are you interested in the world of Harry Potter?

Or would you like to spend time with animal for you to relax?

Well, “Owl Café” is the best place to visit!!

“Owl café” is getting very popular here in Japan.

Why this kind of café is getting popular now?

They reason is why people think owl is a quiet and mysterious animal, so they might have interests toward this kind of bird.

Or maybe because a snowy owl named Hedwig is in the “Harry Potter” series and play an important role in the movie, people has interests to the birds of prey.

Most of the owls in these café are very calm and friendly, so customers can easily touch and pet them and feel like these birds are their own pets.

To see their cute face and behavior let us feel heal.

If you do not have an owl as pet, why don’t you visit and spend time with the bird?