Monday, October 17, 2016

Let’s have a party with Karaoke

Do you like to sing in front of many people? 

Karaoke (empty orchestra) is a popular social activity for Japanese adults. 

It is especially popular among "salarymen" or businessmen. 

It is common for salarymen to spend hours drinking in karaoke pubs or snack bars for hours after they get off work. 

There are also Karaoke "clubs", which resemble hotels in that they have private rooms for groups of people. 

It also has many types of rooms; such as a stylish room with a mirror ball, a Japanese traditional style room, and a family room with some toys for small kids. 

They are immensely popular with the people of every level of social standing. 

Many people fear being embarrassed by a bad karaoke performance and it is common to hire professional coaches just to improve expertise in these areas. 

It is also common for karaoke machines to rate the performances of the singers. 

Some even tell the singer how many calories were burnt from their performance, which means Karaoke is the way to lose your weight!! 

So, let's go to "Karaoke clubs" to have fun!!