Thursday, October 27, 2016

Halloween Costume for 2016

Halloween season is coming!! 

Many Halloween goods and snacks can be seen at many places. 

In Japan, Halloween is becoming very popular event in these 10 years. 

Today, I would like to tell you which costume would be popular for this year. 

When all is said and done, many people wear the costume for Pokemon, such as Pikachu and Satoshi because "Pokemon Go" gained tremendous popularity this year. 

From Kids to adults can wear these costumes to enjoy the event.     

A family is sure to be able to have fun at the event if the kids wear Pikachu and their dad wears Satoshi. 

Also, the costume of the characters in the movie "Suicide Squad" will be great to wear for the event. 

Especially, the costume for Harley Quinn acted by Margot Robbie is very pop and cute, so it should be good for ladies. 

Standard costumes, of course, like witches and ghosts have extreme popularity this year as well. 

Well, have you already decided what to wear for this coming Halloween?