Monday, April 25, 2016

Sweet hot soupt; “Oshiruko”

Do you know the sweet adzuki soup with pieces of rice cake called “Oshiruko”?

“Oshiruko” is the food of which is made by boiled adzuki beans with sugar and pieces of rice cake, a white ball dumpling or the candied chestnut are put in.

There are two kinds of “Oshiruko”, one is the sweet adzuki soup made by bean jam of which adzuki beans are left as they are.

This soup can be enjoyed the texture of the grain of the adzuki bean

The other is the soup made by bean jam of which adzuki is filtered and the soup without adzuki beans.

Taste of this soup is smooth.

“Oshiruko” was recorded as “Susuridango” in “A Dish Story” written in the Edo era (1635) to be the first thing.

In the book, this seemed to be saltiness not sweets.

Currently, there are some kinds of “Oshiruko”" and we can buy and eat it easily.

For example, “Oshiruko” cans that can be bought in the store or by vending machines and instant “Oshiruko” of which can be eaten by pouring hot water into a cup like instant hot noodle.

It is sweetness to be relieved at.