Thursday, April 14, 2016

A spring Japanese sweet; Sakuramochi and Kusamochi!

In spring, we have famous Japanese sweets called “Sakuramochi” and “Kusamochi”.

“Sakuramochi” is the rice cake with bean-jam wrapped in a salted cherry leaf and the color is pink like cherry blossom.

There are two kinds of “Sakuramochi”, and one baked colored wheat flour on an iron plate in pinkness, and made skin of, and wrapped bean jam in it.

Another “Sakuramochi” colors the glutinous rice which is half smashed pinkness, and wrapped bean jam in it.

“Sakuramochi” was born in the temple called “Chomyouji” temple which there was in the side of the Sumida River which was famous for a cherry tree in the Kyoho year of the Edo era.

In case of “Kusamochi”, it was made the rice-flour cake mixed with mugwort and put bean jam in it or cover it with soybean flour without bean jam.

A description was seen in the record of the “Kusamochi” in the Heian era.

“Sakuramochi and Kusamochi” are eaten in the days of the Doll's Festival as a spring Japanese sweet well.

Do you try to eat the Japanese sweet that is closed to Japanese season?