Monday, April 11, 2016

Do you not compare by eating the Ramen of various parts of Japan?

There are a lot of unique ramen cooked in each area in Japan and each local ramen has each characteristic and different taste.

For example of famous local ramen, “Ie-kei Ramen” based on Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa region is popular to Kanto area and it is big straight noodles and pork bone broth soup with soy source, “Hakata Ramen” has thin noodles and pork bone broth soup based Fukuoka region and “Sapporo Ramen” based on Sapporo-shi.

There are some kinds of “Sapporo Ramen” but “Sapporo Ramen” with miso soup is very famous.

Originally, from the place where a name had many "... house (“Ie” in Japanese)" and places that were on, I came to be called Ie-kei Ramen”

In the present ranking of popularity, it seems to be first place Toyama black ramen in Toyama area, second place Kitakata ramen in Fukushima area, and third place Onomichi ramen in Hiroshima area.

Ramen is the Japanese popular foods and it is delicious.

Therefore, it is pleasant to do a trip of the visiting all over Japan ramen.

In cold winter, warm ramen can let us warm.