Monday, April 18, 2016

Glasses made in Japan

Sabae-shi, Fukui has shares more than 90% of glass frames made in Japan and is called as "the sacred place of glasses".

The glasses made by the hand of the craftsman who inherited the traditional skill are one of the superior manufacturing technologies of Japan.

A domestic share of the glasses frames is 96%, and Sabae-shi seems to occupy approximately 20% in the world share.

In Sabae-shi, a production technology of the glasses frame using metal titanium which is light is established for the first time in the world, and is durable in the 1980s.

The glasses made of titanium which was hard to cause an allergy to metal were predominant in a generation and spread out as world standard afterwards.

As for the glasses industry of Sabae-shi that continued growing up, amount of production dropped 1992 at the peak.

There are not only, after 2000, Sabae-shi establishes produced glasses as "Sabae brand" and makes it, but also greatly switches a policy to making it, and selling it.

In late years, Sabae brand performs development of products by the cooperation with the apparel brand and participates in popular fashion show "TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION".

Sabae brand is one of successful business of the local industry in Japan.