Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Let’s exterminate as soon as you find ants!

The worker ant invades your house to look for food, so it can be very unpleasant problem when it gathers around foods.
So, you can find effective products sold in Japan to exterminate the ants.
The aerosol type: you can shot over ants and inject the nozzle into a nest. That is really useful  aerosol.
The liquid type: easy-to-use liquid type, you just sprinkle over a nest and path, also exterminate ants around and in the burrows all together.
Powder and gel type: you just put this type on the location that ants walk, ants take away bites of this chemical to nests by mistake. It is very effective.
Any types of this kinds of products you use, you should keep away from children and pets. Do not eat or drink by mistake..

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