Friday, November 28, 2014

What brings coziness on an area rug?

You know people in Japan sit and relax on a floor. And normally there is an area rug in a living room for it. But being on it isn’t cozy in winter as you feel cold on it. So what brings people coziness? It’s an electric radiant floor heating under an area rug (we call it “hot carpet”). It’s very common in Japan and there are many kinds/sizes of floor heating rugs in a market.

When you turn it on, a heat radiates out the heating rug and warms up the area rug over the heating rug. It makes people cozy and comfortable.

It might make you think that using an electric heating rug is costly. I would say, “It might have been before.” Nowadays majority of electric heating rugs are energy efficient. And that’s why most people have at least one at home. Some people have it for a kitchen, a bathroom, and even for pets!