Saturday, November 1, 2014

Japan has the most variety of the flavor of Kitkat, which may be unusual for foreigners.

One of the great things about traveling abroad is trying the local cuisine and exposing oneself to different flavors and textures that come with it. Being in a place like Japan, you also can’t help but try stuff that’s local to you but exotic to the natives.

Japan, being a big gift giving culture has embraced Kit Kats like nowhere else in the world. In fact a big part of their success is that the name Kit Kat is very similar to the Japanese phrase kitto katsu, or “you’ll surely win,” and this has helped it become a great present among students and friends.

Nestle has capitalized on the trade by making dozens of unique Kit Kat flavors. The varied tastes Japanese people enjoy those different kinds of tastes. But to outsiders, they might seem a little... unusual.