Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Japan Tissue Pack Marketing Strategy

In Japan, many marketers would use tissue pack as a marketing tool to advertise their companies to consumers. It is a powerful strategy as tissues are used by everyone so it is a brilliant advertising tool for marketers. Tissue pack marketing is rampant in Japan and will likely be spread across the world in future years to come.  In Japan, this industry generates billions in revenue annually so it is a profitable niche to pursue in.

Unlike advertisement flyers, which are immediately thrown away, pocket tissue advertisements are usually kept until all tissues are used up. Since consumers keep pocket tissue advertisements for a long time, studies have shown that they have a deep psychological impact on the brain, influencing shoppers to choose the familiar brand or company advertised on the packages.

In the big cities, you may find many people distributing those pocket tissue. Get it, because it’s free!

If you don’t like the advertisement, you just put it in a cute pocket tissue case.