Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The New-year greeting is sent by the New-Year’s Cards

People rush about the arrangement for the year-end and New Year holidays on December in Japan.
The big thing of these is the preparation of the New Year’s Card.
We prepare it to be delivered just in the time for the New Year’s Day: it should be posted by 25th, December.

On the New Year’s Card, we print the N Year’s greeting and animal symbol of the year: one of the twelve animals defined in the Chinese astrological.
Some announce their marriage, the others announce the new address. 
The children’s photo on it shows how much they grow up by the year.

Although the online New Year’s Cards or sending message by e-mail are getting popular among the casual relationships like friends, it takes for granted that sending New Year’s cards are more polite habits than the e-mail.