Sunday, November 30, 2014

Do the Japanese wear the mask too much?

Some foreigners cite the crowd of people wearing mask as one of the odd things in Japan.

Usually, the person wearing mask does not mean he or she is a patient with infection.
We use the mask for the protection from infection.
For example, the students prepare the school lunch with wearing mask at school every day.

On the other hand, the mask is used to hide the face wearing no make- up sometimes.
That is why the crowd of the Japanese wearing masks which surprise foreigners to hide the tired face after the long trip.

The companies develop its’ own product that reflects the desire of the customers.
For the women and kids, it has reduced the size of the mask to fit more.
There is a great demand for the high-efficiency mask when the flu is going around.
The moisturizing mask keeps your throat comfortable.

Even if the foreigners pointed out the strangeness of the wearing mask everywhere, it seems to be difficult to quit this habit for Japanese so far.