Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Very fun way to eat sushi!

In Japan, there are a lot of conveyor belt, or kaiten, sushi restaurants. As the name suggests, in these establishments, fresh sushi rotates through the restaurant on a conveyor belt. It sounds fun.

In traditional conveyor belt sushi restaurants, the chefs prepare sushi in the middle of the restaurant, surrounded by the conveyor belt. The customers sit at bar stools or tables positioned along the length of the conveyor belt. These types of restaurants are usually small and intimate because all of the diners are within arms’ reach of the sushi chefs.

As the sushi passes by you on the conveyor belt, you can just grab any plates that you like to eat; or you can use the menu on your table to place a specific order.

Usually those kinds of sushi restaurants are much cheaper than regular sushi restaurants. If you want to try cheap sushi, I recommend you should go such sushi restaurants. You will have a quite fun time!