Friday, October 17, 2014

Japanese style bread served up by charming little bakeries throughout Japan

Japan bread shops (called “pan-ya” or “panya-san” in Japanese) are found all over Japan: in and around train stations, the lower level of major department stores (depachika), and the streets of commercial and even residential areas. Since the breads are usually baked fresh on site, if you don’t see one immediately, just you can smell of freshly baked bread.

Japanese bakery is different from Western style. It is more like self-service style. . When you enter a bread bakery, you’ll see a stack of trays and a rack of tongs. Grab one of each. The many varieties of bread are laid out throughout the store–usually in single-sized portions–on trays or in baskets. Use the tongs to select your treats and place them on your tray. Then head on over to the cash register and pay.

You might be surprised by the huge verity of bread in Japanese bakery. There are sweet ones and also salty one. You will have a hard time which you are going to buy.