Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Let's go shopping in a market like a mase.

Ameyoko is located between Ueno and Okachimachi railway terminals in Yamanote line Tokyo.
It has over 430 shops in a place like an inextricable mase.
You can get anything, such as fresh fish, dry fruits, spices, bags, shoes, food from overseas.
Ameyoko is open everyday.
Some shops give you a discount depending on how much you buy.

At the end of a year, Japanese people like to shop in Ameyoko, for all the families get together and have gorgeous food on a New Years Day.When you shop in Ameyoko in this period you feel like you can hardly move due to full of people.

Ameyoko has any sea creature which you could imagine and which you may have never seen before.You will learn Japanese food culture there.

Ameyoko also has many small size of restaurants and bars.
And you can eat various kinds of snacks in hawker style such as bbq chicken, chopped juicy melon, so that you cannot get hungry.