Saturday, October 18, 2014

Let's take a walk in a town of bookstore, cafe and curry

Jimbocho is located 2 stations away from Tokyo railway terminal. And it is called "A town of students".
Since there are many famous universities around this area, Jimbocho has about 180 secondhand bookstores.
There are various books such as academic encyclopedia, UKIYOE(picture of Edo period) art books.
Take a walk in Jimbocho, you will meet some nice old books.

Jimbocho aslo has many cafes. Some have unique atomosphere. For example, Sabour2. which is the most famous cafe
in Jimbocho, the room is litte dark and the wall is made of bricks with graffiti.
Kosedo has nice paintings by the artisto on the wall.

Many cafes serve big amount of lunch menu in reasonable price,
so that sutdents can have lunch between lectures.
There are many cafes which serve tasty curry, Jimbocho is also known for"a town of curry".
Ethiopia is the famous one in cafeteria style, the curry is bit runny and you can taste lots of rich spice in it.