Saturday, February 7, 2015

They are NOT bruises! They are Mongolian spots!

Sometimes I mention my Japanese friend living in America. I really like her stories as they give me a culture shock. I’d like to share another story here.

She has a 2 year-old son. He is an American-Japanese mixed child. But his skin color is exactly same as his mother’s which a Japanese color, yellow is.

When he was a newborn, there was an opportunity that my friend’s parents in law babysit the child. When they tried to change his diaper, they found couple spots on his butt. And they were shocked and couldn’t believe that their daughter in law (who is my friend) spanks the child!

But they are not from spanking. They are Mongolian spots!

It was her fault as she didn’t mention about Mongolian spots. She totally forgot that Mongolian spots are for Asian babies. Later her parents in law understood it and were so glad.

They still laugh when they talk about it.

Did you know Mongolian spots? Now you do know it.