Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Am I the only one who thinks a standing rice scoop is a revolutionary invention?!

Japanese people eat rice every day. Like rice is common this in Japan, rice scoopers are common.

Rice scoopers used to be made from woods, though they are hard to clean as rice sticks on. Consequently plastic rice scoopers became famous. But when you put a rice scooper, pieces of rice sticks on a table or a counter top, and people didn’t like it. So next people started to use a rice cooker with a small pocket to keep a rice scooper. Some people used a plate or something to put a rice scooper.

And then somebody (I don’t know who) invented a revolutionary rice scooper: a standing rice scooper! A rice scooper itself stands, so people don’t get annoyed by which I mentioned above. Amazing (to me!). It’s very convenient, and I love it. Now standing rice scoopers are so popular in Japanese people.

By the way a standing rice scooper works for only sticky rice.