Monday, February 23, 2015

SAIBASHI is great tool for cooking

As you know, Japanese use chopsticks for eating.
Not only easing, but also there are long chopsticks called “SAIBASHI” for only cooking.

Usually there are one set of SAIBASHI in each home.
Your hands get very close to a hot frying pan when you cook frying food so it is helpful to use long chopsticks to remove your hands from hot pan.

Also SAIBASHI is useful to check temperature of cooking oil.
Put the SAIBASHI in water and dry them well.
Put the end of the SAIBASHI in cooking oil and check how much the bubble is made.

The bubble is very very small and quietly comes up, it is about 302 to 320.
The bubble is a bit large, it is about 338.
The bubble is large and many bubbles come up quickly, it is about 356 to 374.