Thursday, February 5, 2015

A noodle cutter for babies and small kids – how great it is!

In Japan people eat noodles a lot as you know. For example, ramen, udon, soba, and so on. Even some people eat noodles once a day.

Noodles are very common even for babies, and many parents start to give noodles (besides soba) to a baby early. Udon is very common noodle for a baby food as it is easy to chew and swallow for babies.

Japanese kids really like noodles. But actually noodles can be dangerous sometimes because long noodle could choke if it’s chewed enough. So Japanese parents carefully cut noodles for kids before giving it.

For those parents there are wonderful things called a noodle cutter. If you use a noodle cutter, you can cut any noodles so easily. You don’t have to use a knife and a cutting board, you are never bothered by noodle slipping away. I would say, almost all parents with a baby/a small kid have a noodle cutter at home.