Sunday, September 28, 2014

Must go spot of you are otaku! Akihabara!

Akihabara is Tokyo's "Electric Town", located on the eastern side of the central Chiyoda ward. The area houses thousands of shops selling every technological gadget you can imagine, from computers to gaming consoles and vacuums to DVDs, at reasonable prices. This area is also known as the "Gamer's Mecca" and has in recent times become strongly identified with anime/manga (cartoon) subculture, On weekends otaku or geek people known as Akiba-kei come to this area.

The first permanent maid café, Cure Maid Café, was established in Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan, in March 2001, but maid cafés are becoming increasingly popular. As they have done so, the increased competition has made some use unusual tactics in order to attract customers.

In Akihabara, you can enjoy shopping and when you get tired, why don’t you try one of those maid cafes?