Monday, September 5, 2016

“Shakyo” gives you peace of mind on your life

Do you know what “Shakyo” is?

Shakyo is a hand copying sutra.

The practitioners just trace each stroke of the Chinese character on the paper which have already been printed out from the backward.

It is not so difficult to trace them but required us concentrations.

“Shakyo” is said to have effects on your life.

What kind of effects it can provide?

“Shakyo” was started among Buddhist priests to learn and spread the sutra around.

Now, the popularity of “Shakyo” is rising because it brings us peace of mind just like practicing an meditation.

Tracing the sutra with a brush let us has a good posture.

If you have a slight stoop or backache, it might be tone of the treatment.

Also, it builds up your capacity for endurance and power of concentration.

To keep tracing the sutra correctly and in a good hand to the end is so hard, but you will be filled with a sense of achievement when you finish it all.

You just need a paper and a brush to start “Shakyo”.

Don’t you think it is easy and inexpensive to get wonderful feeling on your life?

If so, why don’t you try it?